Helpful tips for a road trip with kids

Everyone loves to take a break from their daily routine and to travel and go on a trip. It helps us in relaxing our minds and boosts our spirit. Some like going to hill stations, while others like going to beaches and few others love visiting historical or religious places but going anywhere away from your daily schedule is itself wonderful. When we plan our trip we think of many places and shortlist one place based on everyone’s interest, we start booking our stays and plan on various spots to visit. The entire thing of planning and executing the trip is so exciting, right? But what if you have to take a road trip with kids or a toddler? Then your excitement is reduced a little over being worried about handling them as you know what to expect in the journey. Though it is exciting and thrilling to travel it is a little difficult while travelling with kids.

We definitely cannot escape from our roles and responsibilities. With our partner driving, we are left alone to handle the kids, to keep them entertained and bear their tantrums. We try our best in keeping them calm but we never know what runs in a kids mind that they want to ruin the journey. They might even start crying over an incident that might have happened a few months back or over you denying their favourite food a few days back. I can say toddlers are expert in seeking attention and making us dance on our toes. But with a few simple tips and prior preparation, you can make a memorable and joyous journey.

Steps to be taken before starting the journey

1. Of course, we all plan a trip very well in advance. But make plans for keeping your child in mind. Its always better to avoid late-night trips and focus on starting early in the day. But ensure that your child’s sleep is not compromised otherwise you have to be prepared to handle the worse.

2. If you have decided to start the journey very early in the morning then try and put your baby to sleep early the previous night so that the sleep is complete. Without proper sleep, kids get very cranky. And even if you think of putting them to sleep during the journey that’s difficult as they try to avoid sleep as much as they can but be restless.

3. Avoid giving head bath early in the morning. It’s good if you could avoid a bath completely so that a child can get some extra sleep. And this way, you can give them some nice relaxing bath after a tiring journey once you reach the destination.

4. Book a hotel keeping your child in mind. Check if the resort or hotel you are booking is kid-friendly and if they have games and a park for kids.

5. Contact the hotel you booked a day before your journey and ensure that booking is confirmed and everything is set and give a heads up about your arrival time. You might ignore this thinking you have already booked so there is nothing to worry but I would suggest doing it based on one of our experience. My husband and I decided to go on a small trip and booked a nice room in a 3-star resort. But when we reached we were informed that booking was cancelled due to some technical issue and they did not inform us as they thought we had been notified by the agent. Somehow we fought and struggled and managed to get a room after a delay. Also, we have had many experiences were a room it cleant after we have reached the point. So it is always better to check well in advance instead of waiting there with your child.

Few important things to consider to have a wonderful journey

1. To have a baby car seat:

It is very important to install a car seat for babies. As we have a comfortable seat, babies and toddlers also need to have a comfortable seat. A car seat is available for different age groups. Having a car seat ensures safety, helps in reducing any risk and it also comes with an adjustable band to secure a baby in the seat. Kindly consider in investing in a car seat

2: Load your car with books related to kids:

Your child may or may not know to read, but books can still be your child’s friend. Your child can have some nice time with a book flipping through the pages. Keep books that have great pictures about animals or birds, a storybook was in you can also narrate a story connecting things from the book with your road trip.

3: keep a CD with good rhymes and music:

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Of course, children enjoy rhymes and playing this will vanish their boredom while travelling. Even if they are cranky, then these rhymes or their favourite music might lift their mood. Rhymes and music are best to entertain your child for some time.

4: keep some toys:

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It’s always a great idea to keep a few toys in the car that your child loves to play. Avoid keeping too large toys that occupy more space. Keep toys that are small so that you can keep many of them.

5: Comfortable clothing:
Finally, dress your child in comfortable clothes according to the temperature. Children tend to get cranky and irritated if the dress is not comfortable which we might fail to understand that clothes can be the cause for their irritation.

What to do if the baby still gets fussy?

You have taken all the necessary steps and precautions for a comfortable journey. You even start the journey expecting it to be smooth and fantasize about having a nice sightseeing and some relaxing time for yourself. But suddenly your child starts throwing tantrums getting you back into reality. It is every child’s nature that they don’t want to sit at one place and seek attention every time. So in case if your kid is not comfortable then try following the below steps to soothe them.

1. Take a short break in between. At least a break for 10 to 15 minutes might work wonder. Don’t worry about reaching the destination late as child’s comfort is more important.

2: You might have turned on the AC and could be your child is suffocating because of the AC. Try to lower the windows and allow some fresh air for a while. Nothing can beat fresh air.

3. Feed your child with snacks. Keeps some biscuits, cookies, fruits and even a few chocolates to be safe. Snacking on with favourites will really kill the time.

4: Try to talk and play to your child. Keep some activity like the colouring and you can also join your kid in the activity.

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