You don’t have to be rich to be kind

It’s 4 in the noon. I simply lie on bed to rest my back for a while. I flip a few times until I get settled in a comfortable position. Various thoughts started gushing into my memory and I brush them off without paying any heed. But one thought kept repeating in my mind and caught my attention. I smile to myself and get immersed in my thinking. It is about the kind gesture that small innocent soul had shown this morning, the kindness that is very rare to be seen in today’s world.

The boy must be somewhere between 7 to 8 years. Looks like he lived in a small hut near the construction site were his parents worked as he is often seen at that place. His wide eyes and the charming smile is enough for anyone’s heart to melt. The boy was sitting on a bench near a super market looking at people and their activities with a cute smile on his face. There was a dog seated near the boys leg wagging his tail. An elderly man noticed the boy and looks like even he was attracted to him. He immediately went inside without uttering a word and came out in few minutes with few biscuit bundle in his hand. He handed them to the boy. The boy’s joy knew no bound. He smiled and immediately opened a pack and started eating. Noticing him with food, two other dogs came and sat near his leg. The boy showed his kindness and shared biscuits with all the three dogs without chasing them. I just walked away looking at this scene. As I kept thinking, I realized, to be kind one need not be rich by money but by heart. I felt I must have helped the boy in some way.

After sometime, I wake up because of the sound noise from outside. Rubbing my eyes I wonder how and when did I fall asleep. I smile again thinking about the boy and how I dozed off without my knowledge. I look at the time and it’s 6pm already. I get out of my bed to finish my pending work. I decide to help the boy in some way the next time I see him.

I understood that some of us are privileged to have everything and some might struggle for their daily needs. While few privileged people help others with little from what they have, the poor might not think of tomorrow and are happy to share from what they have.

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