Saying ‘NO’ sometimes can be a true bliss

I am a person who hesitates to say no to anyone directly. Because of this, I have been in trouble many times. I say yes to everyone asking something and later I cook up stories if I cannot proceed with the request. I always wanted to change this nature of mine and be crystal clear but that never happened thinking that will hurt the person before me. I always wondered how can people be direct without having to hurt anyone. But thanks to the motherhood I learnt the art of saying NO.

Recently I bumped into an old friend of mine when i was out with my toddler. We went to the nearby coffee shop and talked for a while. Soon the friend requested to accompany her for shopping for the next entire day for her cousin’s wedding. I was in no mood to go for shopping knowing the consequences of how tiring it will be and how big troublemaker my daughter could be. I somehow told her a very polite ‘NO’ and promised to join some other time when possible.

Trust me after saying no, I felt so light. Had I said a yes with no intentions of joining her, I would not be able to sleep peacefully thinking about how to get out of the situation. I finally learnt the art of saying No. Thanks to the motherhood, because had my daughter not been my priority I would not be able to do so. I realized it is okay to say a direct NO instead of fake YES.

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