This is the time where we need some type of positivity or hope when so many negative things are going on out there. We can find happiness with little things that happen around us. Everyone expects a little appreciation or a recognition for the work we do and if it goes unnoticed, the disappointment is more. But if what you are doing is noticed by someone or acknowledged in some way then your happiness hits the sky. And the same thing has happened to me. I received a motivation for the blog that I have started recently and it definitely made me feel good.

Being a shy girl I always don’t show up anything and prefer keeping with myself. But recently I started a blog and started promoting it among a few groups and even got registered in a few blogging platforms. Though I generally prefer not to promote, this time I somehow felt I have to share it among people and register in other blogging platforms and feedspot is one such platform to promote our blog. Frankly, I was even demotivated for not getting enough page views(though I know it’s difficult in the initial days of blogging) and even thought I might quit soon as there is no progress. But suddenly to my surprise, I received an email from feedspot that my blog is selected as one among the top 100 Indian lifestyle blog. This is the list of top 100 Indian lifestyle blog. My happiness knew bound and I felt I very much needed this encouragement to keep myself going in this blogging world. Thank you so much feedspot for this lovely surprise and for sure I am gonna continue my blogging journey.

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