10 tips to manage time for working mom’s

Manage time

The number of working moms have increased a lot. Gone are the days were mom would feel they need to be at home taking care of a child and doing household chores. Of course, there are mothers who like to be housewives and that’s their choice. They love doing what they have been doing and find happiness in managing the entire house and taking care of everyone. But there is also more number of working mom’s who find happiness in going to the office and being independent professionally.

One challenge every working mom face is to manage time and to balance the personal and professional life. No matter how much a mom loves and enjoys working, at some point she will feel frustrated with too much pressure, workload and lack of time. At times, she even feels like quitting her job but doesn’t quit as she loves to work. I am sure every working mom can connect to this. You love your work yet find it difficult in handling multiple things all alone. Things get worse when your child, your husband and you have to leave the house almost at the same time making it difficult for you to cope up with your chores.

So, here is a list of few tips to manage time effectively

1. Prioritize things
Learn to prioritize your work. Don’t try to take up all the work that comes your way. Only pick important work that has to be finished and rest you can do it once the important work is done or you can postpone it to the weekend. Trying to finish every work that you get in a day will only lead to stress or you might end up messing it up.

2. Organize
Organize each and everything in a particular way so that you don’t end up searching for anything when required. Organize your wardrobe in such a way that you know were your formals are, where your casuals are. Organize your child’s wardrobe similarly. Organising kitchen is also equally important were you get all the spices and everything immediately without wasting your time to look for it.

3. Plan
Plan, plan and plan each and everything like what to wear to office the next day, what to pack for lunch box for your child and you. If possible plan things for the entire week to make things easier. When you know what you have to wear you can press the clothes and keep them ready or when you already know what to cook for the next day then you can start cooking without having to think a menu.

4. Preparation for the next day
Once you have planned properly, you already know what should be cooked for the next day. So chop the vegetables and store it in an airtight container in your fridge. You can kneed the chapati dough at night and keep it in the fridge. You can make chapati the next morning. This way you can save the cooking time also and utilize the time for some other work.

5. Multitask
Multitasking is very essential for working moms. Try to do multi-tasking and you will love the way you are able to handle various things. You feel like you are a superwoman to do multiple things at a time. But do multitasking only whenever required. Don’t burden every thing on yourself.

6. Get some help from family
I know you can take up all the responsibility and do all the work alone. But that will only result in you having less time. You also end up being tired very soon. Try to get some help from your family like packing lunch boxes, getting your child ready or dropping your child to school. This will only save up some time for you.

7. Set a schedule or time table
Make a time table or to-do list of everything or the most important things like parent-teacher meeting at your child’s school or any upcoming exams and if you have any task to be completed. This will only help you in reminding the things so that you don’t feel guilty of missing it out later.

8. Stick to working hours
Definitely, every organization will have their own working hours so try to stick to the working hours and finish your work. Of course, there will be days where you will have a lot of work and you might have to extend your working hours or start your work early but ensure this will not happen every day. Try to finish your work within your office hours so that you get some time at home and for yourself.

9. Talk to the manager about flexibility
You are lucky if you are in an organization were employees flexibility is considered. But not everyone can be lucky enough in this matter. So if you don’t have much flexibility, try talking to your manager and request flexibility whenever required or if you can go home early and connect back from home for the remaining hours. You never know there could be some emergencies that you might have to stay back at home and do your work.

10. Learn to say no
Sometimes, you have to learn to say no even if you do not wish to. When you are asked to take up some extra work or anything that you do not want to do. Say a no when you are asked to do something that you don’t like to do instead of spending time doing it. Help when someone is asking you to but if it’s really necessary. Don’t let people take advantage of you by saying yes every time.

No job is easy or difficult but it’s up to us on how we will manage and handle things. If we learn to manage our time then we can easily balance our personal life and professional life without having to stress a lot. By following the above tips we can try to keep our days as smooth as possible. Many might already know the above tips but most of us don’t follow them and end up losing our patience and mind. Instead, lets plan, organise and manage our things well.

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