Tips for new moms to start a fresh job after pregnancy gap.

Getting back to work after a pregnancy break is no joke. It has it’s own up’s and down. First is to resume working leaving behind the child and then the carrier break. Though maternity break is understandable in most companies, there are still few companies that feel you might not give 100% as you have extra responsibility which is also priority. Here few tips to get back to work from my personal experience

  1. Think and decide If you are ready to work at this point of time: First you need to make sure that you are ready to start working. You need to let go of the guilt and stop thinking that you are selfish if you work.
  2. Build a nice CV: Once you have decided to work, create account in job portals, prepare a resume and upload them. Try to get in touch with you ex colleagues or friends or relatives to check on openings in their company. Sometimes refrences do work.
  3. Plan on child care: This is very important to plan well in advance about the child care when you are at office. If you are in a joint family with your parents or in-laws, there would not be much problem but in case you are in a nuclear family then a child care is important. Decide if you want to leave a child in a day care or hire a full time or part time caretaker. If you are planning to opt for day care, do proper investigation about the day care, check for reviews or try talking to some parents who have also opted for the day care. If you are planning for a baby sitter, then talk to your elders to be at home during the initial months of your job until you get to know about the baby sitter completely and child get used to the routine.
  4. Try talking to child: if your child is big enough to understand certain things try talking to child about your work and that you will be back after office hours. This will get the child prepared mentally. If your child is too young, then he wouldn’t understand anything. When I resumed work, my daughter was only 1 year old and hence wouldn’t understand anything. Luckily she adapted to the new routine very soon.
  5. Be prepared to join anytime: Once you start attending interviews and get selected, you might get the offer letter anytime and also the joining date might be in next 3 to 4 days. Even if you have decided to work and attended interviews and cracked it, you would be shocked and in dilema if you should take up this offer or no. This happened to me when I got my offer letter and was asked to join in 2 days immediately after giving interview. I wanted to work but was not prepared to join that early. That was because of the break and comfort zone I was in. Thanks to the support I got from my husband and friends that I took up the offer and I am still enjoying my work even after 2 years.

So mommies who want to start working again, leave your guilt and start working on finding a job. Initially, it might be difficult to manage but as time passes everything will fall in place and you will enjoy what you are doing. All the best.

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