Let’s teach our kids their way of living and not their standard of living

Quite often we confuse our way of living to our standard of living. Though one depends on our values and principles and the other on the money we have, we lose track of which is which and often get them confused. We always think about what we give our kids but forget that the most important thing we give them is their way of living which they inadvertently learn from us, their parents. We all want our kids to be good in society, learn good values and moral. No parent wants their children to be out of track. We shower them with lots of love, kisses, expensive gifts and what not even before they could ask for it just to keep them happy and to show them how much we love them. Showering them with love and buying them gifts is not wrong but in this process we should not forget to teach them the value of life. For example when my daughter asked me for a toy, I immediately went to all the shopping apps available, researched for the best toys available, selected a few good ones and added them to cart to decide even further the best toy to buy for her. I am pretty sure that most mothers are like me trying to select and get the best for their kids. While I was in the process of getting her what she wants, I felt that I am setting up a wrong example for her by giving her everything she wants immediately as I know my daughter plays only for 5 minutes and then loses interest in it for days after that. What could I have done different?? I could have simply denied, postponed or could have even chosen an ordinary toy to begin with. I could have spoken to her to make understand if the toy was an absolute necessary. This way she would know the value of the toy and also the value of life.

I remember my dad narrating instances of his simple life. Their time focused more on being happy rather than materialistic life. They never knew all these luxuries and always remained satisfied. They were ready to stay even in a small hut or big homes and learnt to adjust and enjoyed life to the fullest. They found happiness in very minutes things and never had expectations of getting more. That was the quality of life that we miss now and we could learn from our elders, follow their way and teach the same to our kids.By teaching them a way of living, we are improving their quality of life. Kids will learn to respect and value things, to be responsible, to adjust, to be honest, to help others in need, to be happy and content in whatever they have. Way of living will definitely increase the standard in terms of happiness. On the contrary, if we set a standard of living then our kids might always expect more and more and may get specific in their demands and when they don’t get their demands they start to show tantrums and anger. They may never learn to accept a NO from us. They will not know the value of money and may turn out to be greedy. In the process of expecting and demanding more, their happiness will be compromised as they will never know where true happiness lies and this will always impact the quality of their life. So from now let’s focus on their way of life than their standard of life which makes them beautiful human beings which the world badly needs these days!!! So let us make sure our kids end up with beautiful souls than with just beautiful things.

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