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Sending a child to playgroup is a bigger responsibility for every parent. It is the first step in a child’s education and towards school. Choosing the playschool wisely is very important. As a parent, you will definitely be anxious about the thought of sending your kid to school but you can’t keep them at home also. One or the other day you have to make a firm decision and send your child to school. You might be worried about how your child will react to the new environment or what if he is still not ready. It is always better to prepare your child for playgroup well in advance. Once your child starts going to playgroup, you will see a lot of good changes and many improvements in him.

What is play group and why is it important?
A playgroup is an educational institute were children between age 2-4 are given importance on improving their motor skills, imagination, physical and mental strength, a lot of playing with others kids and various activities rather than concentrating on teaching actual academics.

The importance of playgroup is

1. It helps your child be with other kids and learn. It is a known fact that kids learn many things looking at other kids of their age. They get to play, learn to express, learn to help and learn to share

2. Playschool helps remove separation anxiety in children. Kids fear getting separated from parents and hence always expect either of their parents to be with them. By going to playschool, this fear of separation in them is gone as they will realize they will be back home with parents.

3. Playschool helps in preparing for an elementary school in a child which is more academic. Children going to playschool will no longer have fear to go to elementary school and can easily adapt to the school environment. Playschool and elementary schools have a different approach and teaching style but children will easily adapt.

4. Children learn to be independent and do things on their own. Children will rather be disciplined and learn to keep things at their appropriate places. The child will learn to identify various objects, learn to arrange toys, might even learn to say alphabets and numbers from 1 to 10, learn colours and learn to do many activities.

How to choose a right playschool?

Once you have decided to send your child to playschool, the next big question you get is which school should your child go to and how to select the best school. But choosing the right school is not difficult if you consider a few points.

1. Distance:
First and foremost, list out all the schools that are close to your house or office. Make sure the school is within 2-3 Km radius from your home or office and you should be able to reach the school immediately if required without any problems. There could be situations where you will be called from the school to pick your kid as he is unwell. In such scenarios, you should be able to reach early.

2. Get referrals:
Get referrals from your neighbours and friends about the schools they have sent their kids to. Get the review from them and this will help to narrow down the list that you have. You will have some idea about the schools that you have on your list. Start paying a visit to the schools.

3. Environment:

Check the school environment. Check if classrooms have enough space for kids to move around, and what various activities do they have, what type of toys they use and what safety measures do they have. Classrooms need not be big but should have enough space for kids and it should also have a safety mat on the floor.

4. Security:
Security is the main concern that we parents have. Ensure the security measures they have. Check if they have cameras in their classrooms because that is essential. And if you want to opt for a transport facility, ensure if they send a message when your child reaches school and when the school bus starts from the school to drop your child.

5. Activities:
You need to be aware of all the activities that they plan to do. What extra activities do they have, if the school has a scheduled time to play outside, how they will handle kids while doing these activities and if they will be sharing the progress of your child.

6. Know the teachers:
It’s good to know about the staff at the school. If possible, its good to know their qualification also. This will help you understand how the teacher will be able to handle kids. Also, ask and know how the school tackle situations that get out of control.

7. Don’t go for a brand:
Don’t choose a school because of its name or because most of your friends sent their kids to that school. Brand of the school has nothing to do with teaching. Even normal schools are best in their approach to teaching. Also plan a budget and enrol in a school that is budget-friendly. Even those schools have many things to offer and are best.

8. Curriculum:
Finally, give importance to the teaching process they follow. Thought playschools don’t need to have a curriculum they do follow a teaching method which is important for you to know.

Once you have followed the above tips, it will really be helpful for you to choose a school from the list you have. Also, trust your instinct when you pay a visit to the school. Though you see that school has a good environment and you have also received some good reviews about that school but if your instinct says otherwise, then better to drop that school from your child. Choose a playgroup when you feel everything is right. Also, buy necessary things for school for your toddler like a lunch box. You can get some nice and colourful lunch box which makes them happy. Most likely school bags will be provided in school. If that is not given then you can buy that one to.

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