How to boost confidence in child

Confidence in child

Every parent wants to instil confidence in their child though children can develop their confidence in their own way and through the work they do. Some are more confident while some are less confident. As a parent, I really understand why it is so much important to increase self-esteem in our child. A confident child can talk quickly and can talk about anything while the less confident child is always hesitant. And we parents really don’t want our child to remain behind all the time when compared to other kids of their age due to lack of confidence, do we?

Why is self-confidence important for a toddler?
You might think “as a child grows he will automatically gain the confidence to do anything so what is the necessity of stressing out“. But by boosting self-esteem your child will grow up to be a confident person, will learn to connect with people, your child will know to value himself and speak up his thoughts when required. Your child will learn to handle any situation in his way and this will also help in his success.

How to boost confidence in child:

1. Applaud:
Praise your child for any work he does no matter how small it is. This will encourage him and help him in doing things without fear. Your applaud will make your child feel that he is valued.

2. Let your child explore:
When your child is trying out something new, do not stop him. Let him explore and learn. Trying to stop him every time with a no will only lower his confidence and this will also instil fear in him. He might stop doing new things because of the fear of denial.

3. Let your child decide:
Children like to decide things on their own. Help them in deciding what they want instead of ruling them in doing things that you want. Give them an option of a few things and ask them to pick one. For eg, ask your child to decide and pick one dress from 2-3 dresses that you have selected. From deciding small things like this will help them take any decisions later on.

4. Problem-solving:
When your child is in some problem even if it’s a small one they might look out for you for assistance in helping them but it’s always better if you let them solve their own problem. You can only pitch in to help your child if he has genuinely tried getting a resolution but have not succeeded. Letting your child solve a problem will gain enough confidence in your child to face any tough situation.

5. Avoid rescuing your child:
As mentioned in the above tip of problem-solving, also avoid rescuing your child every time. It’s natural that no parent wants their kids to get hurt, or discouraged. But if there is any obstacle in your child’s way, let your child face it rather than you trying to remove the obstacle. Your child will learn by taking a risk and making mistakes and those experiences will help in finding new ways for situations. Do not try to overprotect your child and stop him from doing anything with the fear of him getting hurt.

6. Stop comparing:
Do not compare your child with other kids. This will make your child feel he is less worthy of doing anything. Also, this will make him insecure among people and he might stop expressing his thoughts or feelings. Comparing will lower the self-esteem of your child.

7. Try to avoid shyness in your child:
Some kids are shy and it’s okay to be shy but that shyness should not hinder the confidence of your child. A shy kid will not open up or speak up thus always lagging behind which will, in turn, affect their confidence. If you feel your child is very shy, then try to avoid it.

8. Show love and care:
Did you know that the type of atmosphere at home will have an impact on a child’s personality and development? Yes, that’s right. A negative atmosphere at home or if a child grows between constant fights in their family or being targetted to punishments etc will make them fearful and insecure. They will show a lack of confidence among people and would prefer being alone. So always show love and care and create a positive environment.

9. Teach your child to accept failure:
Failure is part and parcel of life and we learn a lesson from it. It’s common for a child to feel that he should always be first and if in case he fails then his behaviour will change. Make your child understand that it is okay if he is not first and it’s completely okay to fail. If you support your child during his failure, then he will not fear anything and he will become more confident by learning from mistakes.

Every person will gain confidence by themselves and the same is with children also. But with little push from our side will definitely help them be more confident. So let’s boost confidence in child which helps them face any situation.

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