Top 7 gifts for a mom to be or a new mom

Pregnancy is a precious gift. When we know any of our close friends or relative is expecting, we will be very thrilled and happy and start thinking of various toys and dresses to gift a newborn. But none of us will think of what to give a new mom or it would just be any random gift. Motherhood journey will be a bit difficult for first-time mom’s as they are new to it and will have no idea about what to expect and what necessary things that are to be kept ready. Of course, family members and elders will guide but it will mostly be on tips during delivery, or how to bathe a baby, food to be consumed for better milk production and all the advice related to baby care. Trust me, when I was pregnant, I had no idea of all the necessary things that I would need to ease my pregnancy and motherhood because of which I had a tough journey in the initial days of my delivery.

You might be thinking what would a new mom need when she already has got a precious gift on her lap and also people to take care of her. But there are many things you can gift a woman who is expecting or just delivered and it will definitely make her life easier. Based on my experience of using a few things and regrets of not using a few things, I have listed all that is required by a new mom or a mom to be. You can consider gifting one among these when attending a baby shower or visiting a hospital to meet a new bundle of joy.

Maternity pillow:

Never imagined about this gift? It’s not just you, many of us wouldn’t know this will be helpful. In fact, many wouldn’t know that such a thing exists. Wondering why this pillow of all the other things? This will help pregnant women sleep better all night. It’s a known fact that sleeping during pregnancy is very difficult with the very limited position, sleeping on the back is discouraged and a woman will have leg cramps also. This pillow will relieve her from stress, gives support to most of her body parts and she can have a peaceful sleep thus feeling fresh every day.

Maternity photoshoot:

You may think how can this be useful. By gifting a photoshoot, you will be helping an expecting mom to capture beautiful memories. Capturing her pictures with family and using various props will make it a wonderful and memorable experience which can be cherished forever. My husband gifted this photoshoot on my birthday in my 8th month of pregnancy. I look at the pics every now and then and thank him for creating such a beautiful experience.

Feeding pillow:

This is a true saviour for new moms in the journey of breastfeeding. Initial days of feeding a newborn are not as easy as we think or speak. Adjusting to a proper position and trying to latch on the baby is very difficult and most women tend to get a back pain also. This pillow will definitely make their feeding journey easier by giving support to the back and moms don’t have to bend as they can make the baby sleep on the pillow. This one was suggested by my sister when I struggled with my back pain and using this helped me a lot. I Could feed my baby better and for sure both of us were very comfortable. My daughter could also latch on properly.

Breast pump:

This is something that is very essential to have. It’s absolutely fine to pump the milk and feed the baby through the bottle. The new mom can store the milk and have any of the family members feed the milk to the baby while she can sleep and rest. This way, even excess milk can be pumped up thus reducing the risk of pain, fever and chills. Yes, excess milk can cause pain and fever and most of the women experience this. The breast pump comes with both automatic and manual.

Nursing top or gown:

Who would have thought of it as a gift? We all feel she would have shopped a lot for her clothes and might not need this. Yes, she might not need normal clothes but a nursing top is definitely very useful. It comes with a zip and easy to feed a baby. There are tons of varieties in nursing clothes which you can choose from.

Baby rocker:

Though it is used for babies, this is for sure a gift for mom. She can make her baby sleep and rock where ever she is since this is portable. Also rocking movement makes baby sleep sooner and for a longer time. Babies tend to take a shorter nap and wake up very often thus tiring everyone. With this rocker, even if baby wakes up, rocking the chair can put him back to sleep immediately. Rocker comes with a belt and hence baby can be secure while mom is carrying out her other work.

Baby carrier:

This is my favourite of all. There are various types of baby carriers that are available for a newborn to a toddler. She can wear the baby while working or when she is out shopping or walking. Also, anyone can wear it and carry a baby. Baby can even sleep in the carrier, she can feed her baby when wearing him. No feeling tired of carrying a baby all the time and no back pain. A very comfortable and useful gift.

Now that you know some of the very useful gifts for an expecting mom or a new mom, try gifting one of these and see how happy she will be to have it and how easier her journey will be because of this. Even having one of these will make a huge difference. Let’s give them a thoughtful gift and help them enjoy their journey.

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