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Engaging a toddler and keeping them busy is very difficult. They get bored with any activity very soon and always want something new to entertain themselves. Even if we give them a new toy, they hardly use it for a day and then that toy is thrown into some corner. But for how long can we keep giving them new toys every day when they don’t even play with it properly? It’s simply a waste of money and an added item in the house to occupy the space.

Though we give toys to our kids, it is always a better idea to engage them in some fun-filled activities. Few physical activities will also make children tired and they can go to bed without any difficulties. And few activities can make them creative and good at art. I have always tried to engage my daughter in activities like painting, dancing, running, hide and seek, frog jump etc but she would get bored of it very soon. Every time I try my best to find something new to keep her occupied but finding new ways to engage our kids is not as easy as we speak and at times I end up giving her a tab or a phone which is again not good.

I had a similar problem yesterday when my 3-year-old daughter was very much bored and was troubling me. I tried to engage her with some colouring, tried to make her dance by playing her favourite song on Alexa but none of which entertained her. She wanted to do something new and constantly kept troubling me. I kept thinking about how to entertain her and suddenly realized that I had preserved a few pista shells to make some art out of it. I immediately took it out and showed to my daughter and told her that we will do a new activity and colour them. The little one was very happy and excited as it is some new way of colouring to her. You can also buy various activities online.

You can also try this activity with your toddler and enjoy the session. You do not require many items and can be done with colours and brush available at home. Of course, there will be a mess but don’t worry about the mess and see only the fun part. Yes, we all are very familiar with the art made out of pista shells but for kids, it is something very new and completely creative and thus they will have more fun.

Material required to make this art

Few pista shells
Water Colours of your choice
Kg cardboard or a thick paper

Method of doing

1. Colour the pista shells of your choice and leave it for drying for 30 minutes.
2. Make a pattern on a paper or a board. Keep the pattern very simple since your toddler will be doing it.
3. Once the shells are dried, apply glue on the pattern and let your child stick it on the glue.
4. Now you will see the wonderful art ready that is made out of waste.

Benefits of doing activities like this
1. Kids learn and try to be creative. This will help them think out of the box in doing new things
2. They will learn to use the waste before throwing and make an art out of waste
3. These activities keep them engaged and happy.


My daughter thoroughly enjoyed doing this from colouring the shells to sticking. I showed her to colour the shell only once and remaining she did it by herself under my instructions and supervision. I applied the glue on the paper since I did not want her to apply on her hand but she did the sticking part.

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