A letter to every mom

Dear mommies,

Hope every one of you are doing good and fine! I know every one of us are handling a lot and are juggling between a lot of things. Some of us are happy homemakers while some of us are working women. Some of us are pros at multitasking and some of us just skate by. You are a pro or not, just remember you all are doing a great job. Of course there are up’s and down’s but we all learn to handle them. Some of us are lucky enough to get some or the other help and support from our husband and/or in-laws and some might not receive even a tiny bit of help but them, life moves on and we still learn to manage alone or with help. When our kids trip or fall sick we are blamed that we are not around and are told that we do not take proper care of the kids and family and our labelled self-oriented, and when we are available all the time we get called dependant and someone who is wasting her education by sitting at home. In the society we live in, we get labelled no matter what we do and are expected to do everything with a smile and are also expected to keep everyone around us happy because of the women tagline that we have. So, please never feel guilty about what you decide to do with your life as it is really not your fault and you are doing your every bit in protecting your little one’s and doing the best for them.

Always remember that it is absolutely fine if you feel like taking some rest and don’t want to work. It’s okay if you want to skip cooking and want to order out. You don’t have to feel guilty for putting yourself first once in a while. You are human too and definitely need a break to keep going. Everyone needs some time for themselves and you definitely deserve and trust me when I say that this does not make you selfish at all. A small break from your daily routine, a little rest and some time for yourself in doing whatever relaxes you will go a long way in decluttering your mind which in turn will keep you sane.

Finally my dear mommies, never forget to stand up for yourself when you are right. Take a stand, point out if someone else has made a mistake and stop taking the blame on you. Remember, this does not make you any less of a woman. Be bold, be strong and be confident, because your kid learns a lot from who you are. When your girl sees how bold you are she learns to be bold and when your son sees how bold you are he learns to respect every womon out there!! So let us all stand up for what is right and teach our kids to do the same. Just remember, we are human too and we all are doing a really great job of handling everything that life throws at us.

NOTE: Recently, I had a conversation with a friend of mine and realized how she is expected to do everything alone and how she is blamed for everything and is still expected to smile. This is a scenario that many of us might be going through and some might be really privileged like me to have an understanding home. So this letter is for all the mommies out there irrespective of what each one of you are going through.

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