8 ways to spend quality time with family

Quality time with family

Family time is very important to strengthen the relationship with family members and make the bond stronger. We all are busy in our lives, in chasing our dreams and in our jobs that we will have no time left for the family. The weekends or holidays might also be occupied with friends or with other work that very little time is given to loved ones. We forget that even our family needs us and they are always taken for granted. No matter how busy you are, spend some quality time with family to strengthen the bond and love, to make your child happy and to see a smile on everyone’s face at home.

Why is giving time to family is that important?

You may think why is family time being stretched so much. We do stay with our family and talk to them and see them every day and night which is also a time together so what more is required in this. Exactly, the same thought one of my colleagues had asked when I questioned him about how he spends time with his loved one’s. Staying under the same roof and looking at each other’s face every morning and night doesn’t contribute to family time. Its something more than this and definitely required for the below reasons.

To understand each other well:

You might think you know everything about your closed ones but there could be something more that they want to share. You may know their favourite food or favourite color, their likes and dislikes but might want to share many other things, how they are feeling at that point of time or something that is bothering them. Spending time will help to understand each other more than before.

Kids feel they are cared:
Your child needs you and craves for your attention. No matter how many gifts or toys you give them, that doesn’t make them happy the way you make them happy by being with them. Discuss with them about various things, share their achievements or downfalls, encourage when required and this will make your child feel that he is also mattered and given preference. Of course, our children are our priority but they won’t understand until we show them.

Passing on some good values:
We all have our own values and principles. When you give time to your child and discuss various things, in a way you pass on your values and morals to them that they can learn. They can follow and utilize it when required and preach the same to their friends or children in future.

Make your relationship stronger:
Your relationship gets stronger with family members by sharing various things with each other. This way there won’t be any hiding and if there is something that needs your intervention then they can approach you without hesitation or they don’t hide it from you. By not spending time then there are many things that you might miss out from knowing.

How to spend quality time with family?

Now that you know why you should spend quality time with family check out the ways you can accomplish it.

Plan an outing:
Plan and go on a day trip or go on a trip for 2 or 3 days. This way you get a break from your schedule and dedicate time only for family. If you have a toddler you can check on tips to travel with a toddler. You can also consider getting a car seat fixed for a toddler.

Read books:
You can read books together or read out a story to your children. Try to educate about good and bad things through reading moral stories to your child which is one of the best ways to teach. Also through reading books together, your child will develop an interest to read.

Movie time:
You can watch a good movie Keeping in mind everyone’s interest. Try giving extra priority to your child’s choice to make him feel special. Munch on few popcorns or any snacks and enjoy this movie time with family for this is one the best moments you enjoy with family.

Cook together:
Food with love tastes the best. Cook together with your family and see how fun it can be. Involve your child also in the kitchen and give him small chores like washing vegetables, helping you in giving things required or adding up the spices.

Family activities:
Do some activities that the entire family can be part of. You can think of gardening where you can enjoy doing with a family, like planting, watering and arranging the pots. Ask your child which flower he would like to grow and make him take care of that plant completely. Or do some painting together like pot painting or any other activities that you all enjoy.

Generally, nobody likes cleaning and leaves the work for Mumma. But why don’t you and your child join your hands with mom and make cleaning a fun activity? This way she can get some relief while also doing things together.

Eat together:
Sit and eat together. And this time will mostly be for dinner as during the day everyone will be busy in school and their work. So have dinner together and you can use this time to let your child know what they did the entire day and ban watching television during mealtime.

Go out on a walk:
Go and have a small walk after dinner and get some fresh air. Walking in the dark when the roads are empty is peaceful. So make it a point to go on a walk with family and enjoy the time.

Now that you have learnt how important it is to spend quality time with family and a few ways to actually achieve it, please implement and start giving time to your loved one’s. Also, avoid using mobiles unnecessarily unless it is an emergency during family time. If you have any other ways or tips that you and your family follow to together do share with us so that we can also follow and be happy. After all, a happy family is a healthy family.

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