8 best indoor activities to tire a child

Having a toddler who is active all the time is really great. People who visit you for a short time might even appreciate your toddler for being so active but only a mother or in some cases both the parents will know how tiring it is to have an active toddler who doesn’t get tired at all. If the toddler is not tired and sleepy then the bedtime is delayed which inturns tire a mom even more. And once a mom is tired, she will start showing her frustrations and anger on the kid. This process repeats every single day in every house with a toddler.

Toddlers are always high on energy and we should also encourage them to keep their energy levels high instead of dodging them from being hyperactive. We should let them play and do the things they were doing. I have seen many parents who try to clam their kid and make him sit in one place. Parents give their child a phone so that he can sit in one place. Doing this is absolutely wrong as that will affect their eyes also. If you are a worried parent of a hyperactive child, then try to engage your child in a few indoor activities so that they can get tired and sleep early.

List of indoor activities that can tire a toddler:

1. Dancing:
Shake your body and move your body to some really nice tunes. Your child will also join in and start moving his legs. This is a fun-filled activity where both parent and a child will have some fun. This activity is a personal favourite of both my daughter and me as we get to listen to our favourite song and dance our hearts out as if no one seeing. We do it at least 30 minutes whenever I feel my daughter needs some activity.

2. Jumping:
Yes, let your child jump on a bed or a couch. They will definitely enjoy it. If your kid is jumping don’t try to stop them. And you need not be worried about your child falling off and getting hurt as they are on the bed and even if they fall that will not hurt them. If you have a spring mattress then your child would love to do it every day. In fact, you could play some rhymes like 5 little monkeys jumping on the bed or sing it, kids enjoy it and imitate the jumping as in the rhymes.

3. Some exercise:
It’s a very well known fact that doing exercise is very healthy for everyone. It also lifts our mood and makes us feel relaxed. Include few exercise activity with your kid, this way you make exercise a lifetime habit for your child while you can also manage to do few exercises or a yoga pose. Generally, we parents complain about the lack of time to do some exercise or give excuses for taking care of the child and being tired working all day. So how about utilising this as an activity where both parents and child are benefitted in the long run? Sounds interesting, right? Please make sure to do it every day.

4: Indoor track race:
Let your child run inside the house. Make it interesting by calling it a race so that your child runs faster trying to beat you. You could even bring variations such a frog jump race, hopping race etc. You could even run and let your child catch you and ensure that you don’t let him catch you easily.

5. Baloon game:
Blow a balloon and toss it in the air. Keep tossing without letting the balloon touch the ground. Let your child do the same. Ask him to toss higher and higher without letting it fall. Challenge your child about who does it for a longer time without the balloon hitting the ground.

6. Obstacle crossing:
This one can be very interesting. Keep a few obstacles on the floor and help your child cross it. Obstacles can be anything of various sizes and place them in zig-zag order. Your child can pass through it and jump on obstacles that are small.

7. Jump on shapes and numbers:
Mark a few shapes and numbers on the floor. Let shapes be apart from each other keeping in mind that your child can jump from one shape to others. Let your child jump on the shape or number that you instruct. This is a very fun-filled activity for kids.

8. Make cleaning an activity:
It’s very common for toys to be misplaced and to be fallen on the floor in every house were toddlers are present. How about getting your toddler to keep them in place? Sounds good right? Make this as an activity where your child feels like keeping them in their correct place.

Try engaging your child in the above-mentioned indoor activities. The best part is all these activities can be done indoors. Soon your child will feel tired and sleep without any problem. This way you can also rest and have some time for yourself before you could fall asleep.

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