8 best self-care tips for every mom

Every parent has their own struggle in their life and in the parenting journey. While the husband is busy in a full-time job, planning finances to paying bills, a mother is also equally busy in her chores. Whether a working mom or a stay at home mom the roles and responsibilities are always there for her and never-ending. No doubt, few women are lucky to get their partners to help them but not all women are privileged for that. Husband’s try their best to lend a helping hand whenever possible but nobody knows when it can be possible for them.

For example, my husband helps me whenever he can. He says he genuinely wants to help me but he will be busy with office work and with the little spare time that he gets he just wants to sit and relax because he is tired, you see;). He helps me once in a while whenever he can or sometimes during weekends and no denial for his efforts from my side. It’s just that he is busy so he cannot help. Whereas I do all the work like dusting, cleaning, taking care of my daughter, cooking and then my 9:30 hours of work. No matter how busy my day is or how hectic my work has been, I cannot run away from my duties. I am sure this is the same case with most of the mom’s. If this is the story of working mom’s, it is no less for stay at home mothers. They have their own commitments, responsibilities and moreover taking care of the child the entire day, running behind them and cleaning all the mess which is no joke or as easy as it seems to be.

We mothers forget to take care of ourselves in the process of taking care of everyone and handling our responsibilities. It’s no wrong in looking after others but we should also give some time for ourselves. After all, self-care is also equally important. Yes, I do understand that our child, husband and family are dependent on us for many things and we all are doing a great job in handling things but that doesn’t mean we forget about ourselves and keep serving others. Sometimes, it is absolutely okay if we keep ourselves as a priority. Even our lives are important and without self-care, it might lead to depression, stress, anger, frustration and so on.

Few self-care tips

1. Take time for your friends:
Talk to your friends and try to catch up once in a while. Have all the fun that you used to have before. Go to your favourite coffee shop, Recollect old memories, laugh out loud, tease each other. This will make you feel fresh.

2. Read your favourite author:
Reading your favourite book is the best therapy. Book is always a man’s best friend and reading will definitely make you very happy.

3. Head, shoulder and back massage:
You can walk to the nearest parlour and get a nice relaxing massage. After all the hard work you do every day, you deserve a little bit of massage.

4. Pamper yourself with a nice pedicure:
Your feet get more stress because of standing and walking a lot. Get a pedicure done and it relaxes your feet and also improves blood circulation.

5. Steam bath:
You will definitely get relaxed with a steam bath. It improves your cardiovascular system, it opens pores and cleanses the skin, reduces stress and also loosens stiffness in joints. These are only a few benefits of steam that is mentioned but there are plenty of them.

6. Go on shopping:
Shopping makes any woman happy. But think when was the last time you went shopping for yourself like you used to do before? A long time ago, right? Though you go for shopping for yourself you end up buying stuff for kids or for kitchen. So shop something that you like keeping you as a priority. You can check out online stores as well.

7. Dress up:
Anyone can imagine how mom gets herself dressed. A messy bun at home and lose pyjamas. If she is going out then she wears a cloth that is reachable to her easily, not taking any time to do her hair properly. So take some time and dress up. Make new hairstyle, apply Kajol, lipstick. Dressing up makes you happy and feel beautiful.

8. Gardening:
Gardening can give you instant happiness. Try to garden the plants and see how the flowers or vegetables that you planted are growing. Gardening is really a very soothing hobby.

9. Stretches and exercise:
The above-mentioned self-care tips are to make you feel relaxed, happy and feel special. But what is the point if you ignore your health? So give some time for exercise, do some stretches or yoga. Follow a healthy lifestyle and stay healthy.

So mommies please remember to give some time for yourself and take care of yourself. Yes, you have a lot of responsibilities and people to care for but don’t forget about your needs and happiness. Don’t even think that you are selfish if you take out some time for yourself. While you are living for others, learn to live for yourself too and do things that make you happy.

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