6 good changes in my life after having a baby

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Having a baby brings in a lot of changes in our lives. Parenting comes with lots of love, happiness and responsibilities. Children look up to their parents and try to imitate them and learn from them. Also, it’s every parent’s wish to give their best and make their child the best. In order to achieve that, we parents also make certain changes in our lives for good.

Like every parent, even my life changed a lot after a baby, for good. Before giving birth, I was a carefree girl not bothered about anything, not even my health. I was very much unorganized and lazy, never took a stand for myself and the list goes on. But now when I compare myself with an old version of me I feel happy for the way I am now. I thank my daughter, for these changes, are for her and because of her. And I am sure most mothers are like me who get some changes in them for their children.

Here are a few changes that I made in my life which I believe every mom must also get in them.

1. Firstly, being organized
As I mentioned above I was the most unorganized and carefree girl. I had just quit my job and wanted to enjoy being at home for a few days. My day would begin with waking up late, skipping breakfast, cooking something for lunch and dinner. And mostly it would be rice and my husband also never complained. But now, I ensure to cook 3 meals which are also healthy, I try to make changes in cooking and experiment with various things in the kitchen and all this started only for my daughter.

2. Confidence
I was always shy and less confident. Would shy away from speaking anything or asking if I needed something. But now I am no longer like that. I am much confident now though shy at times but that doesn’t stop me from anything. Every mom should be confident in herself and it is very important. You can get a book on increasing self-confidence which will definitely be useful.

3. To take a stand
I was a person who hated fights, arguments and I still can’t stand a fight. Even if I was not wrong and still being blamed for something I would just ignore and leave that matter as I feared fights. I would not take a stand for what is right and speak up. After a baby, I realized this is not the way I want my daughter to be and how wrong I was. I started making changes in me. If someone is wrong I tell them they are wrong and I can take a stand for myself and stick to my decisions.

4. Learnt to say no
I could never say no to anyone asking for anything. Either out of hesitation or not wanting to hurt them, my answer would be a yes even though it was a no in my mind. At this point, my priorities have changed, my preference is my daughter and family. I do things keeping my daughter in my mind so as to not disturb her. After my daughter, I have told no in many occasions when I was asked to do something which I didn’t want to. Why should we do something for others that we don’t like or not comfortable with? As long as it’s not critical or very much required, you can say a no. Read this wonderful book

5. Embrace my flaws
We all want to look beautiful and flawless. We can do anything to cover our flaws like trying to hide our pimple or grey hair or just remain feeling insecure and under-confident about ourselves, about how we are and the appearance. But there is nothing wrong with having flaws. Nobody is perfect and we should love ourselves the way we are. If we don’t love ourselves how can we expect others to love us? Now I have proudly embraced my stretch marks, my ageing and everything.

6. Concentrating on health
I was never health-conscious and ate at some fancy restaurant or roadside junk food stalls at least once a week. The kitchen was loaded with my favourite unhealthy bakery items all of which is stopped now. Not that we don’t dine out now, we do it once in a while and still eat from bakeries but it has reduced a lot now. We concentrate more on home-cooked and healthy food for I want my daughter to follow this healthy practice.

How do the changes which I have made for myself help my daughter?
You might wonder how can these changes help my daughter as she will have her own personality as she grows. Since children look up to their parents and learn, they follow all the things that we do.
Now, looking at me taking a stand for what is right, my daughter will always be on the right side and speak up. She will grow up to be a confident woman, to love herself with all her flaws and to say no. My daughter’s skin tone, or her weight or height nothing should matter her. People should recognize her for her nature and not the looks which my daughter will understand and accept her the way she is. Also by following a healthy lifestyle now it becomes a habit and she will always maintain it and be well organized in life.

So ladies if you know that you have any flaws that you have to change for your children then, please change it. Lead a life for you by setting an example to your children. Do not fear about others or how they react, be confident, take a stand and do things that you feel is right. Do not let anyone overpower you and your life, for you have to lead it in the best way and teach your child the same.

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