5 simple steps for a positive and happy life

Positivity comes from within. Being positive creates a happy environment around us and helps us in getting rid off all the negative thoughts and vibes. Of course, everyone wants a happy environment but are we actually trying to create it? At one or the other instance, our mind drifts away to negative thoughts and we start feeling things that pull us down. There is a saying – an idle mind is a devil’s workshop which is very true as we are bound to think something bad that spoils our peace of mind but sometimes even when we are occupied with some work and not really idle we still notice negative thoughts ruling our mind and we can’t help but continue with our thinking. And I am sure everyone has this problem of negative thinking or feeling low which will affect our minds for a very long time.

As we all know due to the pandemic situation, everyone is locked up and work has actually been doubled to most women who are trying their best to balance both professional and personal life. I am also one of them to multitask various things. With no domestic help, I have to handle all the work alone. Sometimes in between my office work, I try to finish the household work. Of late, I was very stressed and unhappy. My mind was filled with negative thoughts. I started expecting a lot from family and soon started to vent out my anger on my husband which would spoil the atmosphere or make us fight. This, in turn, would affect my mental health and that would prolong for the entire day or next day. I realized being happy is in my hand and decided to take control of my mind and situation to bring back the peace at home. I followed 5 simple steps that actually worked.

5 steps that kept me positive.

1. Wake up early: This might sound silly or you might wonder how this will help but trust me waking up early has helped me finish up all my household work, plan on various things. Because of this, I get to concentrate on office work and prioritize everything. Waking up early has kept my mind fresh throughout the day. What more do I need than this?

2. Meditate: Meditation can bring in a lot of changes for good. It definitely helps in controlling our stress, anxiety, anger. By meditating at least for 20 – 30 minutes our mind remains cool and the entire day can be smooth and bright. Try to sit in a calm place and meditate for 20 minutes and you will soon realize its benefits.

3. Make time for the hobby: Engaging in a hobby will definitely make us happy as we love doing it. It helps in keeping our minds free and relaxed. I started doing Zentangling these days and filling the pattern has worked wonders on my mind.

4. Don’t hold on a grudge
: Holding a grudge plays a major role in our stress. We start thinking of the person we hold a grudge on very frequently and that definitely spoils our mind. Instead, forgive and stay away from people who make a negative impact on you.

5. Acceptance: Finally, acceptance is key. Learn to accept the defeat, mistake or any situation. When we do not accept our mistake we try to defend ourselves or when we do not accept the situation that is not in our hand or the defeat we simply keep thinking unnecessarily which yields no result. Instead, accept every situation and stay happy.

Following these 5 steps have really changed my way of handling things and my thinking. I am more positive now and my anger and fights have reduced a lot. Try to inculcate these changes in you for a positive result and a peaceful life.

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